Community based systems in Orissa ore effectively managing local forest resources, but they need support to overcome the conflicts and contradictions that arise.

Unlike in some other villages, Lapanga's forest management does not bar grazing

A Filipino research institute has blended agro forestry and bio intensive forming technicques to help small farmers produce more, without further burdening their packet.

Harmless pesticides can be prepared for home gardens from -recipes compiled by the International Institute ofRural Reconstruction in the Philippines: Tobacco: Place tobacco leaves, stems and

P C Mahalanobis can rightly be called the father of Indian statistics. Today, in the year of his birth centenary, he is remembered not only as the man who gave the use of figures a, now approach in national planning, but also as the mastermind beh

Indian government"s concerns with theDunkel draft Commerce ministry"s comments: What the critics say: If the facility for process palents,

Developing countries are concerned by the silent disappearance of some and the qver-simplificalion of other provisions of the Brussels Draft, 1990 -the first draft agreement

Argues that excessive fluorides in groundwater are a serious water quality problem in some parts of Sri Lanka. The incidence of dental fluorosis shows a high correlation with the presence of groundwater in certain areas. Tube wells constructed in various rock types have shown different fluoride concentrations, possibly due to the different mineral constituents in these rocks and their relative capability of releasing fluoride ions into groundwater. It has been observed that the tube wells located in the dry zone have higher fluoride concentrations than those in the wet zone.

Natural disasters are trying times for people and a test of government ability and determination to handle crises. In the Philippines, the explosions of the Pinatubo and Mayon volcanoes exposed how ill-conceived efforts can cause more harm than good.

A surgical technique developed by an ayurvedic team has drastically curtailed incidence of dracontiasis, a disease caused by guinea worms, in southern Rajasthan. So successful is the technique, the team's leaders were invited to Africa last year to teach