A hundred million dollars in cash and services seems a lot of money, but nobody's complaining. For that's the sum the Westinghouse Corpo-ration paid to the Philippines government as part

THE Himalayan yew Taxus baccata is in the news. Researchers at the University of Kansas have found that the yew contains the anti-cancer drug, taxol, in sufficient quantities for it to replace

RABINDRANATH Tagore's much loved tree, the scholar's tree or Alstonia scholaris, is today a bone of contention within the faculty of the Indian Institute of Technology (11T) in Kanpur. Last

The dam's safety and design parameters must be cleared by the MEF. Environmental management plans must be formulated and clearance obtained from the MEF. Catchment area treatment: THDC will

THE Chicago Board of Trade, one of the biggest markets for grain, meat, money, bullion and Fortune 500 scrips among others, is shortly to start listing an unusual commodity -the

Perceptions of famines are as important for historians to study as the famines themselves, says a British historian. The British created famines in India. But the vision of starving people only reinforced their belief in their superiority and right

Over 2,500 hectares (ha) of forests in Kerala have been destroyed by fires this summer. Fires are reported to have destroyed extensive acreage in several of the 14 sanctuaries and national parks

IF it were not for the widespread pollution caused by human beings, global warming caused by green- house gases like carbon dioxide and methane would have made the earth a lot warmer than it is.

FOR once the Japanese are running scared from the Americans. Minolta, the camera manufacturer, recently coughed up US $127.5 million to Honeywell, the US controls technology group, which had

THERE is considerable speculation amongst the anti-Narmada activists as to how the recent clashes between the police and the villagers of Manibell will influence the attitude of the principal