NEEM is being tested as a contraceptive that can be injected or applied in the vagina. While the contraceptive effect of the injection is expected to last for as long as six months, the vaginal

While the North has made no commitment to reduce its emissions,, the South commits itself to protect the world's biodiversity

IN Pakistan, environmentalists have gone to court to save the houbara bustard from being hunted by wealthy Arabs. The bustard case has not only angered the Gulf states, it has also provoked a surge

THE spotted owl is creating a flap in USA. A bitter fight over its habitat has driven everyone from President George Bush to the common environmentalist and loggers barmy. This fortnight, the

THIS fortnight the European Commission unveiled a plan, which its environment comissioner, Carlo Ripa di Meana, called "revolutionary" to staise a carbon dioxide emissions at their 1990

TWO resident families in California's Beverly Hills, which houses many Hollywood stars, were recently fined US $1.2 million for cutting down a neighbour's trees to get a view. The Views

This column will bring you an update on various groups and individuals working in fields related to environment, development and the sciences. This time some information on interesting and useful publications and networks

NEARLY eight weeks after the March 14 fire that damaged a portion of the Nagarhole National Park and Reserve Forest -Asia's largest deciduous forest - the debate is on as to what happened on that

FOR the first time ever humans have grabbed a peep-hole into the birth of the universe about 15 billion years ago. Since the Big Bang theory was first mooted in 1964, scientists have found it

What will happen now to the Tehri dam? Even as engineers and environmentalists await the Prime Minister's verdict on the project, the proposed dam has been hit by yet another tremor the drying up of Soviet funds