Throughout the U.S., trees are dying at an astonishing rate.

The same hotspot in Earth's mantle that feeds Iceland's active volcanoes has been playing a trick on the scientists who are trying to measure how much ice is melting on nearby Greenland.

This is an issue of global concern.

A new desert city in the United Arab Emirates without light switches or water taps has much to teach people around the world about saving energy and precious resources.

Over the past decades’ forests in different parts of the world have suffered sudden massive tree mortality.

There has been a massive boom in wind power capacity both in Europe and worldwide.

The sun may be setting on a popular morning brew. According to a new report issued by the Climate Institute, global warming will underpin an estimated 50 percent drop in coffee production by 2050.

What if you could have your packaging and eat it too? We’ve seen rice paper packaging on Japanese candies, but edible plastic?

As a multiyear drought grinds on in the Southwestern United States, many wonder about the impact of global climate change on more frequent and longer dry spells.

Flooding due to rising ocean levels. Debilitating heat waves that last longer and occur more frequently.