The world’s food supplies are in danger as climate change and the increasing reliance on global trade threaten to create shortages and sudden, dramatic increases in prices, according to a new repor

The tiger paces back and forth in its cage, groaning mournfully. A second big cat sleeps soundly in the corner, while a third stares blankly at the bars.

'Even though we are a large company, we are a small company in relation to the overall energy system,' says Shell's Ben van Beurden Getty

A river of meltwater flows over 120-metre wide waterfall in Antarctica Won Sang Lee/Korea Polar Research Institute

Theresa May has been accused of quietly scrapping a Conservative pledge to ban the ivory trade in the UK.

Swiss voters have backed government plans to replace the power from ageing nuclear reactors with renewable energy.

Murky skies and high ozone levels have led authorities Mexico City to ban thousands of cars from the road AP

Ancient Egyptians grew crops including wheat, barley, and vegetables The Oxford encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

The coal sector benefits from £356m a year in subsidies in the UK, despite the Government’s pledge to phase out use of the highly polluting fossil fuel, a report suggests.

An artificial form of photosynthesis that sucks carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has been invented by a scientist who claims the “breakthrough” device could be used to reduce global warming.