A South African Emergency Plant Pest Response Plan, which deals with new pest detections, is already in motion to fight the Fall Army Worm (FAW).

Increasing the level of water table can help in slowing down global warming, boost crop yields and preserve peat soils in the UK, according to a new study.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Crop Loss Due to Climate Change, 07/02/2017. The frequent climatic/ weather variations and uneven rainfall distribution adversely impact the level of agriculture production and productivity.

Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA) 2017, the third report in the EBA series, offers insights into how laws and regulations affect private sector development for agribusinesses, including producer organizations and other agricultural entrepreneurs.

New Zealand agriculture faces a "moment of truth" this year as concerns mount about rising trade barriers and changes to local environmental regulations, rural lending specialist Rabobank said.

Native to North and South America, armyworm, a kind of caterpillar that burrows deep into corncobs and more than 100 other kinds of plants, was detected on the African continent last year.

SYDNEY - Parts of Australia's farming industry are rushing to recruit a new generation of tech-savvy graduates as the sector swaps its bucolic past for a future of drones, robots and automated sens

Sustainable land management practices can be enhanced by reconciling environmental and development objectives while incorporating climate resilience. A growing international consensus indicates a need to look at the bigger picture and not just treat sectors selectively and independently.

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has confirmed that the fall armyworm is indeed in SA.

Rome — Wheat rust, a family of fungal diseases that can cause crop losses of up to 100 per cent in untreated susceptible wheat, is making further advances in Europe, Africa and Asia, according to t