The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has presented the results of a study on

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IIED conducted an independent consultation on the World Bank

Ecosystems of the Iwokrama rainforest reserve in Guyana have been sold off. A uk -based private equity firm, Canopy Capital, has purchased the rights to environmental services generated by the

A venture capital company has bought the rights to ecosystem services from a 370,000-hectare rainforest reserve in Guyana. In return for its investment, London-based Canopy Capital will receive a percentage of any income that might one day be made from the reserve's ecosystem services. The company's hope is that these services will eventually become tradable commodities in the same way that carbon is today. Once Canopy Capital has recouped its investment, 80 per cent of further profits will go back to the reserve.

Guyana, a nation with more than 75 per cent of forest cover, is seeking to capitalize on in the emerging market for carbon offsets for forest conservation. Recently it offered its rainforest as a

IT STARTED with a big hype but is now veering towards a rather unfortunate collapse. A us $65-million experiment, which had the backing of the Commonwealth leaders, to save tropical rainforests

Three Guyanese citizens have filed a case against the Canadian mining company Cambior in the superior court of Quebec, Canada, for the environmental damage caused by the leakage of 3.2

The controversial Omai gold mine, which began operations after a six- month shut down, has drawn4p plans to increase its gold output by 24,000 ounces by the end of this year. Next year, its

The controversial Omai gold mine which was shut down in August last year after a cyanide spill (Down to Earth, Vol 4, No 9) is to be reopened shortly, after a commission appointed by the