Bangalore auto drivers locked in a battle with oil companies

It is clear that all cities face a common threat

The vehicle inspection programme in India called Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate, was enforced under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMV rule No 116) in 1991. This requires all inuse vehicles to undergo periodic exhaust emission tests and obtain valid PUC certificate.

sole authority: The Supreme Court (SC) of India has ruled that only the Union government can enforce laws on mineral oil resources, which include natural gas (NG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). It

SC frowns at fuel racket

R K Palhan, former general manager, Central Railways, has two innovations to his credit. One has already been implemented in most railway stations under Central Railways, and the other will take off next year. Media shy, Palhan believes these small change

profiling the menace: Researchers have taken snapshots of the ever-changing protein profile of Plasmodium falciparum

I first learnt that smoke from chulhas was deadly when Kirk Smith, then a professor at the East West Centre in Hawaii, visited our office in the early 1980s. He came with a handheld smoke monitor

healing power: An Indian research team has been granted the rights to develop the curative potential of jamun (black plum fruit). The team has obtained a US patent on a compound extracted from

Switching entirely to LPG to meet household energy needs is one way of reducing indoor air pollution. It also has the additional benefits of facilitating convenience in cooking and saving cooking time. Although there are a number of reasons why many households do not use LPG, the primary reason is that the poor cannot afford it. The Andhra Pradesh government has launched an innovative, targeted subsidy programme - the Deepam scheme - to encourage the LPG consumption among low-income households.