In the three-day conference organised by the University Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Panjab University, various guests and delegates presented their work in the field of nano

PUNE: The ban on the use of plastic carrybags of a certain quality by governments and civic bodies across the country is an opportunity for the development of biodegradable plastic.

NEW DELHI: News of 70% milk samples from the city failing quality tests also rocked Delhi Vidhan Sabha on Tuesday.

Coca-Cola Co announced a plan on Thursday that brings it closer to rolling out soft drink bottles made entirely from plant-based plastic.

On a mission to take stringent action against those involved in milk adulteration, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sent letters to 350 milk packaging units in the state warning them of s

Hasbro, the second largest American toy company, today announced a new packaging policy that excludes the use of fiber produced via destruction of rainforests, reports Greenpeace.

They'll no longer be wrapping their dolls and their toys in rainforest destruction... This is a huge win ­­ Rold Skar spokesman, Greenpeace

More than five months after the ban on use of plastic pouches containing tobacco products by a Supreme Court verdict came into effect, which stated that manufacturers of gutkha, tobacco and pan mas

National Institute of Nutrition wants high sodium content in ready-to-eat foods reduced

Draft rules on Hazardous Substances (Classification, Packaging and Labelling) rules, 2011.