A new report by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) reveals the crucial role the world’s drylands play in buffering the negative impacts of climate change, land degradation and drought. Drylands are absolutely key to global food security for the whole planet.

Landslide is one of the most ravaging natural disaster in the world and recent occurrences in Nigeria require urgent need for landslide risk assessment. A total of nine samples representing three major landslide prone areas in Nigeria were studied, with a view of determining their liquefaction and sliding potential. Geotechnical analysis was used to investigate the liquefaction potential, while the slope conditions were deduced using SLOPE/W. The results of geotechnical analysis revealed that the soils contain 6–34 % clay and 72–90 % sand.

The goal of this study is to clarify research needs and identify effective practices for enhancing soil health. This was done by a synopsis of soil literature that specifically tests practices designed to maintain or enhance elements of soil health. Using an expert panel of soil scientists and practitioners, we then assessed the evidence in the soil synopsis to highlight practices beneficial to soil health, practices considered detrimental, and practices that need further investigation.

Efforts to save the Mau Forest, a vital water tower, are being undermined by encroachment, soil erosion and politics, even as studies show an environmental disaster is unfolding.

Pine forests planted in Bulgaria to combat soil erosion are falling prey to a beetle that is feeding on trees already weakened by excessively hot weather, dense planting and a lack of proper loggin

Reforestation is a critical means of addressing the environmental and social problems of deforestation. China’s Grain-for-Green Program (GFGP) is the world’s largest reforestation scheme. Here we provide the first nationwide assessment of the tree composition of GFGP forests and the first combined ecological and economic study aimed at understanding GFGP’s biodiversity implications. Across China, GFGP forests are overwhelmingly monocultures or compositionally simple mixed forests.

Researchers studied logging roads in the U.S., finding that the roads and log landing areas had far denser soil than even logged parts of a forest.

BSF forced to shift outposts frequently, criminals taking full advantage, cattle smuggling on the rise

Melting Siberian Tundra Exposes Corpses Of Those Who Died In Epidemic 120 Years Ago

17 lakh affected in 21 districts, AASU demands special package from Centre