Hundreds of millions of people rely on water from the Himalayas

When nations made plans to save the ozone layer, they didn't factor in global warming. Quirin Schiermeier reports on how two environmental problems complicate each other.

Unsustainable water use in India is threatening agricultural production and raising the spectre of a major water crisis.

Is a commitment to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2

The meeting in Bonn saw the start of negotiations on climate change leading up to December's meeting in Copenhagen.

Clean-energy investments target eastern Europe, but it remains to be seen whether they will create as many new jobs as hoped.

A population of coelacanths

Study casts doubt on iron-induced carbon sequestration.

Falling oil prices slash value of greenhouse gas emission allowances.

A German research ship laden with 20 tonnes of iron sulphate has whipped up a storm of protest as it sails towards the Antarctic, where it intends to dump its cargo into the ocean late this week.