The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) stands out among development efforts in Africa. Since its launch in 2004, it has attracted generous donations and high-wattage supporters — including Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie and United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon — for its work on alleviating poverty in rural Africa. The programme has delivered aid to at least 500,000 people in 10 countries, and has been emulated in others.

EU bosses are pushing to resolve a clash between industry and environmental policy with a new strategy to phase out funding to export coal technology to developing nations, ahead of a meeting of le

Khartoum - Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Hassan Abdul Gadir Hilal announced that his country got $ 20 million from the World Bank, as part of the bank support to the great green wa

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, centre, arrives for the opening of The Third International Conference on Financing for Development, held in Addis Ababa

The slow global response to the Ebola crisis in west Africa suggests that important gaps exist in donor financing for key global functions, such as support for health research and development for diseases of poverty and strengthening of outbreak preparedness. In this Health Policy, we use the International Development Statistics databases to quantify donor support for such functions.

The European Union on Monday approved 1.15 billion euros (£813.78 million) in aid for West Africa through to 2020, nearly doubling its previous commitment to a region that is a major source of migr

India pledged $1 billion for earthquake reconstruction in Nepal on Thursday, with a quarter of the amount in the form of grants, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj told a donor conference also attended

Arusha — UNITED States government, through its US Agency for International Development (USAID) has pledged over 30 million US dollars (about 70bn/-) in the next five years to boost wildlife and env

KATHMANDU: The Unites States has said it will invest at least $77.47 million (approximately Rs 8 billion) as development grant in Nepal for the year 2015.

The number of people facing food shortages is projected to hit 4.6 million by July