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The Sri Lankan government is introducing legislation imposing levy on all ships entering the Colombo port, says the chairperson of Marine Pollution Prevention Authority (MPPA). This came after a

The science, technology and environment ministry has said that burning can only be carried out during the hottest part of the day, and must be supervised at all times. It has also specified that

Babies born in the Krugersdorp area could suffer severe lung damage or even die because of dust pollution from a nearby mine dump, says Vali Yousefi, spokesperson of National Department of

Environmentalists have stoutly opposed the construction of the proposed Dharma port in Orissa. According to Banka Behari Das, an eminent environmentalist in the state, the government should not allow

STUDIES have revealed that Cogema, the operator of the state-owned La Hague reprocessing plant, has installed inadequate equipment off the plant's discharge pipe, 30 metres under the sea, in a futile

Elite mountaineers and trainee soldiers are stronger if they have inherited a particular variant of a gene that helps regulate blood pressure. This claim has been made by Hugh Montgomery of

A novel method to convert plastic bags into new shapes could help minimise their adverse effects on our environment

Pakistan plans to boost its measles immunisation programme. The campaign may gain strong grounds under the Expanded Programme on Immunisation. Several non-governmental organisations and communities

An improved smokeless stove has been found to cause less health complications than the traditional three-stone stove. The Stoves and Household Energy Programme of the Intermediate Technology

THE Delhi administration has decided to relocate 80,000 industrial units that were closed down for functioning in non-conforming areas following a 1996 Supreme Court order. The new site in west Delhi