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The Arab League is putting up stiff resistance to us plans to push through an indefinite extension of the Nuclear Non -proliferation Treaty. In late March the group of Arab nations took a

Peace and economic fortune in West Asia has arrived at a cost too dear to measure in purely financial terms: the environment is drowning under the sheer weight of tourism. The coral reefs of the Red

The Government of India announced its decision in 1973 to set up a 6 million tonne per year Petroleum Oil Refinery at Mathura under the Indian Oil Corporation of India.

There's gaiety on the greens as the European Parliament drops a directive on patenting genetically engineered life forms

A groundswell of opposition is brewing against studies claiming that a wide range of behaviour patterns like criminality, alcoholism, schizophrenia, homosexuality and manic depression are genetically

DNA fingerprinting will now turn the screws on illegal trade in birds in the uk. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the British police have joined hands to bring the technique to

India passes back the buck to industrialised nations as wranglings over the Climate Change protocol continue

THE industrialised countries are back to their pre-Rio game of chess. They imposed their narcissistic environmental agenda on the economically atremble South by virtually bamboozling it into signing

South Africa's stubborn Whites are blocking the "new order's" desegregation in schools

Britain's us $28 billion roads programme will now receive a touch of green. End-January, the government unveiled plans to establish a new unit which will lead in planning, construction and