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New analysis of air pollution reveals the shocking effects of diesel emissions

Catalytic converters, devices meant to clean car exhausts, are backfiring on the environment

Pollutants in the environment cause dreaded diseases like cancer by mutating some genes. Scientists have begun to explore the human genome to trace these genes

CONSUMERS have decided to stop using products containing chlorpyrifos till more information about it is available. Even store managers are going to lay off these products for the time being. The

A shadow of doubt has been raised on the possible link between pesticide pollution and babies with birth defects. But a detailed analysis is yet to come by. As part of the article, Umbilical Discord , Down To Earth wrote to a few experts seeking their op

NO ONE in the world would disagree that everyone should try to find ways and means to protect and improve the environment. But organisations are better equipped to do something concrete in this

Whale meat contains mercury and PCBs, says a new study

Thousands of people, including orphan children, face a bleak future living in the world s most polluted city

EC prosecutes UK and France over pollution failures

A meeting to eliminate persistent organic pollutants throws up more questions than answers