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Uttaranchal s pastoralists discuss depleting pasturelands

Main provisions of the Janmom act

On 17 May 2005, the Government of Gujarat issued a resolution (GR) to bring wastelands under cultivation inviting big corporate houses and rich farmers – a beginning of corporate farming in a big way in the state. The GR has the provision of giving wastelands up to 2000 acres for a lease period of 20 years.

US attempts to kill of global democracy are getting more commonplace than ever. In such a political climate, it is impossible to talk about global rights to common property resources, equity and social justice

High levels of ‘ecological poverty’ – defined as the lack of a healthy natural resource which is essential for human society’s survival and development – are a key cause of the economic poverty of the world’s rural poor.

The Andhra Pradesh high court has ordered that authorities concerned are duty-bound to interfere and stop activities such as aquaculture to prevent damages to the irrigation systems and common

THEORITICAL and empirical studies of collective management of natural resources have proved the efficacy of common property as an efficient institutional arrangement. In India, joint forest

After suffering a spate of floods villagers regain environmental and economic vitality