Andhra Pradesh is facing a drought-like situation this year. The state had been receiving good rainfall ever since YSR Reddy became Chief Minister for the first term in June 2004. In his second term now, the Chief Minister is now thinking of declaring a drought in case the state does not receive sufficient rainfall by August 15.

There is a time bomb ticking under the world, but its leaders seem not to be aware of it. This bomb is different from any that war, terrorism and the movies have made us familiar with, because it cannot be defused at the last moment. This one has to be defused as soon as we hear it ticking. Otherwise, the countdown becomes unstoppable. All we can then do is run for shelter.

Threats of hazards are still not taken seriously in Pakistan to the extent of taking precautionary measures in an institutional form. The country has been facing socio-economic losses as hazards are converted into disasters. Earthquakes, floods, droughts, tsunamis and cyclones have occurred in different parts of the country in the recent past.

Climate change in Africa is expected to lead to a higher occurrence of severe droughts in semi-arid and arid ecosystems. Understanding how animal populations react to such events is thus crucial for addressing future challenges for wildlife management and conservation. We explored how gender, age, mother's experience and family group characteristics determined calf survival in an elephant population during a severe drought in Tanzania in 1993. Young males were particularly sensitive to the drought and calf loss was higher among young mothers than among more experienced mothers.

The breach in the eastern embankments of the Kosi has completely uprooted one of the largest irrigation systems in Bihar

The western Amazon is the most biologically rich part of the Amazon basin and is home to a great diversity of indigenous ethnic groups, including some of the world's last uncontacted peoples living in voluntary isolation. Unlike the eastern Brazilian Amazon, it is still a largely intact ecosystem. Underlying this landscape are large reserves of oil and gas, many yet untapped. The growing global demand is leading to unprecedented exploration and development in the region.

KAMPUR, July 27

Farmers accuse Centre, state of playing politics, not coming up with water management plans Banda Distt/Mahoba Distt: After two years of drought, when the monsoon finally kept its date with Bundelkhand this year, Manar Baksh made his plans: he would sow jowar and bajra on his four acres. But two weeks later, the 60-year-old farmer has been planting shrubs

The state government has instructed Forest employees to tackle possible flood situations by coordinating with district administration. At the behest of Forest Minister Kunwar Vijay Shah a circular has been issued to all the conservators of forests, officers of National Parks and divisional forest officers to coordinate with the district administration and make available adequate staff, vehicles and boats for overcoming drought situation. They have also been instructed to use telecommunication network for sending assistance to flood-affected areas.

Observations show that the standard precipitation index (SPI ) over the southern Amazon region decreased in the period of 1970