Britain has been urged by a major business organisation to exempt high energy users such as Tata Steel from a carbon levy, which, it is argued, could cripple many industries and lead to carbon leak

British industry has reached a “tipping point” where the burden imposed by energy and climate change policies will begin to jeopardise jobs and investment, according to the EEF manufacturers’ assoc

This overview highlights the main findings of Energy Intensive Sectors of the Indian Economy: Path to Low Carbon Development, a study specifically requested by the Government of India to help identify low carbon growth opportunities for India and contribute to global climate change mitigation.

An uncontrolled renewable power expansion in Germany could threaten the stability of energy grids, the head of energy agency Dena told Reuters on Wednesday.

Failure to connect new capacity near demand centers or near transport grids or storage facilities would waste assets or put at risk the grids' stability, said Dena's director, Stephan Kohler, in an interview on the sidelines of a sector con

As supply and demand factors increasingly point to a future in which natural gas plays a greater role in the global energy mix, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released a special report exploring the potential for a “golden age” of gas.

New Delhi: The Prime Minister

Asia-Pacific developing countries will continue driving the global economy in 2011, however high food and fuel prices, and volatile capital inflows pose fresh challenges, the United Nations said in its annual regional social and economic report.


Global policies and instruments to tackle climate change look very different once translated into domestic programmes of action, reflecting varied institutional capacity, competing priorities, and diverse political cultures and political economies. In light of these variations, this article analyses how clean energy is governed in India, both through and beyond the Clean Development Mechanism. Governance processes are assessed across a number of scales, including various actors involved in mobilising finance and providing political and institutional support for clean energy.