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Mizoram has recently sought central aid to check the fallout of an increasing rodent population in the state. The state disaster management and rehabilitation department (dmrd) recently submitted a

Kalavati Barai of Raipur Tea Estate in Jalpaiguri has been watching the consistent deterioration of her family of six over the past four years. In March this year, her husband succumbed to severe

sampat Lal is not the protagonist of a typical Down To Earth story. He's the treasurer of a cooperative that runs a fair price shop in a Rajasthan village. Quite successfully, in fact. Lal

the central government's food assistance schemes haven't worked. The 61st round of the National Sample Survey Organisation (nsso) report on Public Distribution System and Other Sources of

India's Targeted Public Distribution System (tpds) gives subsidised essential commodities to economically weaker households. Till 1997, the system had supplied subsidised commodities to

This paper aims to review the existing status, scope and prospects of food securities in the North eastern hilly region (NEHR) states at the macro level and at the same time ground level reality of food security, its status and position at the households' level.

India needs second green revolution to bring food security to its billion plus population, to remove distress of farming community and to make its agriculture globally competitive. For achieving these goals, yield rates of foodgrains, pulses, oilseeds, dairying and poultry, horticultural crops and vegetables needs to be enhanced.

Rice and wheat are the two most important staple crops, which play a critical role in food security in India. The paper attempts to analyze the changing pattern of foodgrain production system and derive certain policy interventions in view of its relative importance in achieving avowed growth rates envisaged in the XI th five year plan.

the circle of Green Revolution seems to be complete. Punjab's agricultural growth of 1.86 per cent last year was just a plot in a declining graph since 1970. It is clear that the farming system

There was a time when it was said that the Indian budget was a gamble on the monsoons.