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the Save Grain campaign, initiated 43 years ago, came to an end on February 29, 2008. The centre wanted states to take it up because agriculture is a state subject but states did not want any "added

Riots hit several towns in Burkina Faso in late February after the government announced it would reduce taxes on imported goods rather than lowering prices of essentials. Protesters took to the

Could biofuels do more damage to the climate than the fossil fuels they replace?

The new government will have to take immediate measures for ensuring food security in the country.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has assured the nation that though climate change is a global concern, measures under the soon-to-be-submitted National Action Plan will have area specific focus, includi

Calling himself "just a politician' who was alarmed by the warnings that were coming to 10, Downing Street

Water (either from the sky or the irrigation canal) is often a key factor in determining crop yields, squeezing more crop out of the same drop will be central to one of the biggest challenges of this

Policies and conditions which prevent the establishment of the preconditions for agency and reasoned decision by all citizens exclude India's poor from substantive citizenship and treat them as less

The ongoing implementation of the National Food Security Mission (NFSM) in the State is expected to result in substantial increase in the area of summer paddy, and consequently, greater production.