Costa Rica has achieved a clean energy milestone by using 100 per cent renewable energy for a record 75 days in a row.

The Global Atlas for Renewable Energy (Global Atlas) aims to close the gap between countries with access to the datasets, expertise and financial support to evaluate their renewable energy potential, and those lacking such elements.

The vision of the scheme is established India as a global leader in Geo-thermal power by deployment of Geo-thermal energy capacity of 1000 MWth in the initial phase till 2022. The scheme is to focus on assess the potential of geothermal resources in the country and promoting RDD&D projects of Power production and Geo-exchange Pumps.

China could be nearing publication of a plan to guide the development of geothermal energy resources over the next few years as it plunges ahead with efforts to get more of its energy from renewabl

New research has found that renewable energy systems can now compete with fossil fuels on price, thanks to falling installation costs and maturing technology.

This booklet attempts to demystify renewable energy based technologies, and brings it a step closer to the general masses from a practical perspective.

The American Petroleum Institute broadened its fifth annual State of American Energy report as it included solar, nuclear, hydropower, wind, coal, geothermal, biomass, and energy efficiency as well as oil and gas.

Rwanda Environment Management Authority (Rema) has launched a fresh bid to promote green growth and mitigate climate change effects by 2030.

Peru’s government is set to announce plans for a renewable-energy auction during a global climate conference to be held next month in Lima.

Rapid urbanization and economic growth, new demographic trends, and climate change are key challenges that developing countries must face as they strive to meet growing energy demand.