Contrary to popular expectations, the effects of forest cover on regional climate might be limited and the influence of forestation on water resources might be negative says this new study by Csaba Mátyás, Ge Sun published in Environmental Research Letters.

(Reuters) - Swathes of the Amazon may have been grassland until a natural shift to a wetter climate about 2,000 years ago let the rainforests form, according to a study that challenges common belie

The state's first rewilding experiment through voluntary relocation of people, who had inhabited wildlife sanctuaries, has come to fruition as the area is now teeming with wild animals.

Poor air quality not only harms human health; it also impacts the structure and function of ecosystems, often far away from the emission sources. This report focuses on the deposition of airborne sulphur (S) and nitrogen (N) compounds and their negative effects on ecosystems.

The inhabitants of upper Dolpa have demanded a ban on yarchagumba collection arguing that the over harvest of the parasitic fungi prized for its medicinal values had ravaged the highland pastures,

We often hear that planting trees can help cool the environment. This may work not only at a household level, but also on the planetary scale-large scale afforestation has been advanced by the United Nations as a means of mitigating global climate change. At the garden level, trees provide shade and relief from the summer heat. On the planetary scale, how do trees help cool the earth? (Guest Editorial)

The aim of the report was to understand the amount of additional land needed and provide a simple, clear vision for UK agricultural land use and a set of principles to guide future decision-making.

The city is likely to get another `lung area' like Cubbon Park within five years if the state government accepts a proposal of a group of naturalists to declare Hesaraghatta lake and its nearby gra

Countries across the European Union are finishing new rules for handing out 43 billion euros ($58 billion) in annual EU farm subsidies, a change that has spooked conservationists in drier, pastoral

Study under way on Mongolian steppes aims to improve knowledge of warming effects on vegetation.