Campaign groups say turning the publicly-owned RBS into the Green Investment Bank would save money and also provide a model of sustainability for the rest of the banking sector.

This report identifies five key elements of a 21st century electric utility business model and makes specific recommendations to utilities as they transition to a low-carbon future. It is by no means the final word on this complex and constantly evolving subject.

The recent financial crisis cost the UK

This report by energy, regional, and humanitarian disaster specialists at CSIS examines the politics of climate change in Asia, the region

This UNCTAD report discusses the opportunities and threats for developing countries in the transition to a low-carbon economy, and considers how foreign investment and transnational corporations can be leveraged in supporting this process.

This submission proposes that Canada

India taking on climate change

The conference on

WE CELEBRATED Environment Week this month. Various organisations as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives got their act together, conducted workshops to sensitise their employees, planted trees, et al. A few friends participated in

The prospect of an international agreement to halt dangerous climate change may seem more remote than ever following the talks that ended last week in Bonn, Germany. The delegates there appeared to be more interested in being cordial than in delivering on science-based targets. (Editorial)