Climate finance and the development of the global low-carbon economy are crucial elements for discussion at G8 and G20. An outcome form these Summits can be leveraged positively by formal UN negotiations.

This latest report produced by Lloyd's & Chatham House outlines key trends affecting global energy supplies over the next 10 - 20 years, identifying risks associated with both resource constraints and transition to a lower carbon economy.

The latest report on Enabling frameworks for technology diffusion , the WBCSD puts forward six key elements to enhance investments and sales of low-carbon technologies in developing countries. These range from government signals to foster low-carbon solutions to engaging business more actively into the international and national climate change process.

Beyond the Sum of Its Parts: Combining Financial Instruments to Support Low-Carbon Development provides greater information and clarity on WBG climate financing instruments and to draw lessons for the broader development community on how resources from different climate financing instruments can be combined for expanded impact, increased leverage,and enhanced efficiency.

This paper critically examines the clean development mechanism (CDM) established under Article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol in terms of its effectiveness as a vehicle for technology transfer to developing countries, a specific commitment under the UNFCCC.

The Brazil Low Carbon Study aims to support Brazil

CHINA IS contemplating levying carbon tax and raise the prices of petroleum for the next five years as an incentive to cut greenhouse gas emissions and help realise green targets, an expert said today.

This report shows how banks are providing leadership in creating a low carbon economy. Finds that banks are aware of opportunities that are available to stimulate investment

This paper explores how organizations are responding to the complexities associated with climate change risks and opportunities within their businesses. It is based on a global survey of 300 executives representing companies with revenues of more than US$1b annually from 16 countries and 18 industry sectors.

Local governments play an important role in promoting low-carbon development; however their role could be significantly enhanced by greater international co-operation between cities. There