By Suzanne Goldenberg
Some of the mightiest rivers on the planet, including the Ganga, the Niger, and the Yellow river in China, are drying up because of climate change, a study of global waterways has warned.

This report, using empirical evidence from research in Niger and north-east Brazil, aims to identify how climate change adaptation can be integrated within the water sector to benefit the most poor and vulnerable people.

A new type of ready-to-use food is changing the way severe malnutrition is treated. But questions remain about how far to push its introduction--and science has a hard time providing the answer.

People in Niger have social rules about relations with the big cat It will be a major problem, if the lion vanishes

World Resources 2008 explores what is necessary to allow such nature-based enterprises to scale up so as to have greater impact

Several hundred head of camel, sheep and cattle shoved and bustled in the blistering afternoon heat to get closer to the well. Many of them were crying and braying from thirst. Nearby, also waiting their turn, half a dozen Touareg nomads sat on donkeys carrying empty yellow water containers. Some had traveled a day or more just to get to this well.

Talks On With Namibia & Niger For Uranium Imports Even As Govt Woos Left For N-Deal With US Subhash Narayan NEW DELHI ENERGY-hungry India is now tapping non-NSG (nuclear suppliers' group) members, including Namibia and Niger, to explore possibilities of importing fuel for its nuclear power plants. This comes even as the government tries to bring on board its Left allies on the Indo-US nuclear deal. At least two units, expected to be commissioned within the next few months, may have to wait for fuel linkages if fresh supplies for uranium are not secured soon.

When Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, was asked to ponder the future of the world before an audience of powerful businessmen and politicians, at a meeting in Switzerland earlier this year, he could have chosen any topic he liked. What he focused on was both a hoary old favourite, and a newly popular preoccupation, of debates on world affairs: the rising risk of wars over fresh water, as populations increase and the world gets drier.

The government of Uganda has confirmed the outbreak of the deadly meningitis bacterium in the country. On January 16, health officials said that 121 people are suffering from the disease in Arua and

Although vaccination has almost eliminated measles in parts of the world, the disease remains a major killer in some high birth rate countries of the Sahel. On the basis of measles dynamics for industrialized countries, high birth rate regions should experience regular annual epidemics. Here, however, we show that measles epidemics in Niger are highly episodic, particularly in the capital Niamey. Models demonstrate that this variability arises from powerful seasonality in transmission