Tuna boats in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean will be alowed to catch a total of 13,500 tonnes of bluefin tuna next year, down from the provisional quota of 19,950 tonnes.

Detailed studies of ancient climate have revealed that the onset of Europe's "Big Freeze", 13,000 years ago, was anything but glacial.

230Th-dated oxygen isotope records of stalagmites from SanbaoCave, China, characterize Asian Monsoon (AM) precipitation throughthe ends of the third- and fourthmost recent ice ages.

This article investigates weaknesses of consumer boycotts. First, usual shortcomings of collective action, such as coordination failure and free riding, reduce considerably the success likelihood. Second, consumers with the highest ability to hurt the targeted firm

Atlantic tropical cyclone activity, as measured by annual storm counts, reached anomalous levels over the past decade. The short nature of the historical record and potential issues with its reliability in earlier decades, however, has prompted an ongoing debate regarding the reality and significance of the recent rise.

Without drastic cuts in emissions, the Transpolar Drift, one of the Arctic's most powerful currents and a key disperser of pollutants, is likely to disappear because of global warming.

Ice cores extracted from the Antarctic ice sheet suggest that glacial conditions and the relationship between temperatures and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have been constant over the last 800,000 years, but there is some evidence for a fluctuating severity of glacial periods mediated by previously unidentified mechanisms.

evolution Link...or is it? A well-preserved fossil of primitive lemur Darwinius masilla, nicknamed Ida is believed to represent the point from which the group of monkeys, apes and humans (anthropoids) evolved. The fossil lacks the traits which characterize a modern lemur, a non-human primate. Instead it has a bone in the ankle that has a human-primate shape and it has thumbs,

Das et al.1 have studied clay mineralogy, terrigenous and biogenic components of the sediment core collected from the Ocean Drilling Programme site 728A, northwestern continental margin of the Arabian Sea, off Oman.

New York, Boston and other cities on North America's northeast coast could face a rise in sea level this century that would exceed forecasts for the rest of the planet if Greenland's ice sheet keeps melting as fast as it is now, researchers said on Wednesday.