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No body knows for sure how the ragi bandwagon started, but all of a sudden the urban elite became curious about the grain. Today, it is being minutely scrutinised by a few truth seekers while eateries make a beeline for its cuisine

the Union ministry of human resource development has directed all state governments to use only iodised salt in food given free of cost under their nutrition-related programmes. "The decision

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Of the estimated 52 million deaths worldwide in 1996, about 40 million were in the developing world, including nearly nine million in the least developed countries. Of the 40 million deaths in the

The debate over the magic qualities of vitaminCseems to be ending in its favour. Mark Levine of the National Institute of Health's Clinical Center in Bethesda in the US, conducted a study and

ALL beer guzzlers bewarel This popular drink may after all be a repository of carcinogenic chemicals like nitroso- dimethylamine, according to scientists of the Hyderabad-based