A comparison of the electoral data as per the final publication of summary revision 2014 (released by the Election Commission of India on 14th February, 2014) with that of last four General Elections (from 1998 onwards) shows that the total electorate size of the country grew by 34.45% from 605,880,192 electors in 1998 to reach 814,591,184 in 2014.

Despite large gains in health over the past few decades, the distribution of health risks worldwide remains extremely and unacceptably uneven says the Lancet–University of Oslo Commission on Global Governance for Health.

The quest to secure economic growth, after a financial crisis that raised serious questions about capitalism's ability to protect and sustain the wellbeing of populations in rich and poor countries alike, is the overriding political priority for many governments today.

Effects of climate change are frequently claimed to be responsible for widespread civil violence. Yet, scientists remain divided on this issue, and recent studies suggest that conflict risk increases with higher rainfall, loss of rainfall, higher temperatures or none of the above. Lack of scientific consensus is driven by differences in data, methods, and samples, but may also reflect a fragile and inconsistent correlation for the habitual spatiotemporal domain, Sub-Saharan Africa post-1980.

Central Environmental Authority (CEA) Chairman Wimal Rubasinghe has requested all political parties to pay special attention to environmental aspects when conducting election propaganda campaigns f

According to this OXFAM working paper, the economic inequality is rapidly increasing in the majority of countries. The wealth of the world is divided in two: almost half going to the richest one percent; the other half to the remaining 99 percent. Read the text.

Having changed political equations in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has started targeting Gujarat government.

As the construction sector grows, illegal sand and granite mining can only be expected to increase. From what can be seen until now, honest officers who have taken action against the sand mafia in their respective districts in different states have either been transferred or suspended. The politician-sand mafia nexus must be broken in order to protect the environment and prevent huge revenue loss.

What does environment mean to the political parties and their leaders in Delhi. Check out this interactive to find out promises made by the parties to win Delhi Assembly Elections 2013 and the quotable quotes of our leaders

Arvind Kejriwal on Water Supply "40 percent of Delhiites don

Ahead of Assembly election in Chhattisgarh, Chief Minister Raman Singh released BJP’s election manifesto in Raipur. Rice at Re one per kg for poor families, bonus for farmers, interest-free loans for peasants, free laptops and tablets for students are the key promises made by the ruling BJP in its manifesto.