Acknowledging that agricultural production in the State in recent years had gone down drastically with many a farmer withdrawing from the traditional sector, a meeting of the subcommittee to formul

Officials said the aim was to ensure availability of farm produce across the country at affordable prices

The Union ministry of agriculture has planned to ask for a Rs 5,000-crore budget during the 12th five-year Plan (2012-17) for a scheme to allow private companies to collaborate with farmers to produce, harvest, process, transport and market various agro products. Officials said the aim was to ensure availability of farm produce across the country at affordable prices.

SRINAGAR: The State Level Sanctioning Committee (SLSC) headed by Chief Secretary Madhav Lal, approved the Action Plan 2012-13 for Rs 112.08 crore under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) in a meeting held here Thursday.

Under the Plan Rs 12 crore has been earmarked for implementation of vegetable initiative for urban clusters of the state, Rs 50 crore for Saffron and Rs 14.91 crore for Development of Diary, Goatry, fisheries, sheep and poultry.

Conservation agriculture (CA) is an agricultural management practice in which there is minimum soil disturbance, retention of residue for soil cover and rotation of major crops. In contrast, soil in traditional agriculture is intensively tilled to prepare a fine and well-pulverized seedbed. Soil tillage or land preparation is the most energy-consuming operation among all field operations. Compared to traditional agriculture, farmers can save up to 40% of time, labour and fuels in CA.

Greening the Economy with Agriculture (GEA) seeks to contribute to the definition and implementation of the green economy in the context of sustainable development, food security and poverty alleviation through the mobilization of the food and agriculture sector.

This report – Avoiding Future Famines: Strengthening the Ecological Basis of Food Security through Sustainable Food Systems - has been a unique collaboration of 12 leading scientists and experts involved in world food systems including marine and inland fisheries.

Numerous reports have emphasized the need for major changes in the global food system: agriculture must meet the twin challenge of feeding a growing population, with rising demand for meat and high-calorie diets, while simultaneously minimizing its global environmental impacts. Organic farming—a system aimed at producing food with minimal harm to ecosystems, animals or humans—is often proposed as a solution.

A meta-analysis of agricultural systems shows that organic yields are mostly lower than those from conventional farming, but that organic crops perform well in some contexts. Agricultural scientists discuss whether the conclusions of the study should change farming practices and management.

The report, Towards the future we want: end hunger and make the transition to sustainable agricultural and food systems, urges governments to establish and protect rights to resources, especially for the poor; incorporate incentives for sustainable consumption and production into food systems; promote fair and well-functioning agricultural and f

The corporate sector has evinced interest in the Assam farming sector for the first time by setting up the first farmer field school at Natoli in the Kaliabor subdivision of Nagaon district recentl