Has the self-styled "sceptical environmentalist" changed his mind about global warming? After all, he says we need $100 billion a year to counteract it.

This comprehensive and analytical review of the iron ore mining industry of Goa by NCAER focuses on the economic, social and environmental impact of this industry on the state.

Annual revenue flow to developing countries for ecotourism (or nature-based tourism) could be as large as US$ 210×1012, providing an enormous financial incentive against habitat loss and exploitation. However, is ecotourism the most privately and/or socially valuable use of rainforest land?

Factoring the planet's multi-trillion dollar ecosystem services into policy-making can help save cities and regional authorities money while boosting the local economy, enhancing quality of life, securing livelihoods and generating employment according to this study released by TEEB for Local and Regional Policy Makers at the biodiversity conference in Ghent, Belgium. 

In Vietnam, urban agriculture still represents a substantial share of food supply and employment. Its contribution to the food needs of the entire population of Hanoi was estimated at 44 per cent in 2002 (Mai et al., 2004). In the same year, over 70 per cent of leafy vegetables originated within a 30 km production radius of the city (Moustier et al., 2004).

One of the major difficulties in doing cost-benefit analysis of a development project is to estimate the total economic value of project benefits, which are usually
multi-dimensional and include goods and services that are not traded in the market. Challenges also arise in
aggregating the values of different benefits, which may not be mutually exclusive.

The use of reclaimed water in agriculture is an option that is increasingly being investigated and taken up in regions with water scarcity, growing urban populations and growing demand for irrigation water.

Dorab R Sopariwala / August 20, 2010, 0:19 IST

For several years, there has been a move to construct a second airport in Mumbai as it is believed that the present Santa Cruz airport will soon reach its saturation point.

Suggestions that poorly performing conservation areas should lose their protected status, and the money saved used to better effect elsewhere, tend not to go down well with conservationists or local lobby groups. But according to a study of the performance of the nearly 7,000 protected areas in Australia, that may well be the best policy in the long run.

Nature reserves and protected areas enjoy sacred status in conservation