Germany and six other EU nations hold the key to the decision on a rescue plan for the world's biggest carbon market after prices slumped due to record oversupply, three EU officials with knowledge

A Cyprus ship that was anchored in the sea off Sri Lanka's west coast for some time pending the outcome of a court case has sunk completely creating a threat of severe sea pollution due to fuel in

Desert sand, sea salt, volcanic ash and other forms of natural pollution are adding to rising levels of man-made dirt sullying the air and making it harder, especially for Mediterranean countries,

Moni desalination plant was built in eight months, representing the fastest execution of a large scale desalination plant.

Adult deaths are a crucial priority for global health. Causes of adult death are important components of Millennium Development Goals 5 and 6. However, adult mortality has received little policy attention, resources, or monitoring efforts. This study aimed to estimate worldwide mortality in men and women aged 15

Aviation and shipping should cut their respective carbon dioxide emissions to 10 and 20 percent below 2005 levels over the next decade, the European Union is likely to propose at global climate talks this week.

A sharply divided European Union failed Tuesday to protect the threatened bluefin tuna, as Mediterranean nations refused to back even a temporary ban on catching the fish prized by sushi aficionados. The bloc

Cyprus, facing its worst drought in a decade, will start importing water from Greece within the next two months, Agriculture Minister Michalis Polinikis said on Monday. Reservoirs are dangerously low and the crisis has forced emergency water rationing and sped up plans by Cyprus to desalinate more seawater. Its two desalination plants are already running at full capacity. "We are looking at many options to find conclusive solutions to this issue," Polinikis told reporters.

Droughts in Cyprus have forced government officials to ship in water from Greece to help ease the crisis. Minister signed a deal on Monday with shipping firm Ocean Tankers Holdings to transport drinking water to the island. Eight million cubic metres of water is set to be shipped to Cyprus by the end of June following a sustained period of drought on the island, which is a popular tourist destination. Last month, the government decided to impose water cuts for the first time in seven years.

Rare Wild Cyprus Donkey Threatened - Campaigners CYPRUS: April 3, 2008 NICOSIA - Conservationists who found 10 wild donkeys shot dead in northern Cyprus said on Wednesday the rare breed could disappear entirely if hunters continued to shoot them for sport. Environmentalists in the Karpas region believe many more of the brown donkeys had been killed since a 2003 study counted some 800 living in the wild.