MUMBAI: Raising concern over threat to the coastal eco-system, Union minister of environment and forests Jayanthi Natarajan on Thursday said there are more than 40 ships stranded off the Mumbai coa

Oil-burning ships are fertilising the north Pacific with iron – inadvertently putting a proposed geoengineering idea into practice.

A summary of the proceedings from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Doha, Qatar, and their significance for the land transport sector.

UNCTAD's Review of Maritime Transport has provided 44 years of uninterrupted coverage of the key developments affecting international seaborne trade, shipping, the world fleet, ports, freight markets, and transport-related regulatory and legal frameworks. The Review also covers inland transport and intermodal connections.

The Navy, Coast Guard and Tamil Nadu Police are continuing their search for five crew members of cargo ship, MT Pratibha Cauvery, who went missing in the sea due to cyclonic storm Nilam on Wednesda

This report evaluates the impact of transportation policies on worldwide oil consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the potential for the reduction of both out to 2030. Its analysis finds that policies adopted and formally announced since 2000 will dramatically reduce oil consumption and GHG emissions from the transportation sector.

The Ministry of Transport is considering piloting carbon trading or a carbon tax in the domestic shipping business, the Economic Information Daily reported on Monday.

The Supreme Court granted six weeks’ time to the Central government to communicate its stand on the Sethusamudram project.

The Centre is planning to reject the Pachauri panel report on the Sethusamudram project and set up a new committee to re-examine ‘Alignment 4A’ suggested by the Supreme Court.

A European crackdown on pollution from ships will require billions of dollars worth of investment by shipping firms on filter technology and by refineries on upgrades to produce cleaner fuels - bur