Finance minister P Chidambaram goes to Mumbai to deliberate, with its corporati, upon urban renewal, and promises sparkling growth for this bursting metropolis. On the way to the venue, he is

Environmental Meteorology

Urbanisation takes its toll on farmlands

Hyderabad s Himayat Sagar catchment overrun with illegal constructions

Of poverty, life in India has improved little over the past decade, reports the planning commission's National Human Development Report 2001

THIS publication is a collection of papers on the state of market towns and their trends in some countries of the Hindu-Kush Himalayan region. The role market centres in small towns play in the

Traffic management in India is contrary to that in any sensible country in the world

Half the watershed area of the world's freshwater systems is estimated to have been lost in the twentieth century, as land was converted to agriculture and urban use, or levelled to combat diseases

Pakistani social scientist Akhtar Hameed Khan, is remembered, on his first death anniversary, for his achievements in the field of urban management

Bihar wetlands may be the only place in the world where makhana is grown on a commercial basis