In this article the issue of environment has been examined in depth from the ethical point of view. Environment and climate change are one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Ethics can be defined as a set of standards that society places on itself which helps guide actions, options and behavior.

The Gangetic dolphin is an indicator of riverine health. Like the river it

This article analyses tourism in Sikkim, a small Himalayan state of India, in light of the most general kind of tourism process models and tourist influx trends. The tourism trends are studied to map the state of progress and prospects of tourism in the state, and for the general understanding of patterns of tourist influx.

Experiments were conducted to control Lantana camara in Shiwalik hills of Punjab through chemical treatment.

The current escalation of food prices in the country, caused by demand

Sperm density is reducing in the US and Europe, says a new analysis of 101 studies

Over grazing is leading to the degradation of pasture lands

There is a need to evolve a new approach to manage ecosystems in order to

following the death of five lions in the Gujarat's Gir Sanctuary within a span of three months, the state forest department plans to shift some of the lions to the neighbouring Barda hill forest

If post Independence leaders of India had ensured full literacy, a solution would have been in sight for a lot of problems. Population, for one. But, today, in order to achieve the objectives of balanced social development and population stabilisation, th