Water has suddenly become a favoured subject for seminars and conferences all over the world.

Despite the government sinking crores, plight of the drought affected people remains unchanged

Big dams have a high environmental and human cost, says a new report

The objective of this paper is to shed some light on the benefits of improved access to electricity supply, specifically the benefits referred to as "consumer‘s surplus", which is the difference between what customers are willing to pay for the utilities associated with electricity access and the price that they actually pay.

Letter on environmental clearance for a Nuclear power park to be set up in Jaitapur, in Maharashtra

Energy subsidies are often used to alleviate energy poverty and promote economic development by enabling access to affordable modern energy services.

The report includes: Discussion of the scope of energy subsidies; Estimates of energy subsidies, and identification of the gaps in the existing data and issues around the measurement of energy subsidies; Modelling-based analysis of the implications of phasing-out energy subsidies on the economy, including socio-economic and trade impacts, the environment, and the energy sector; and Suggestions

15 Dec 2009

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