14 May 2012

As all countries take actions to reduce emissions the unresolved question is to what extent fairness will be the basis for international cooperation

This research examines how patent applications and the granting of patents developed at the European Patent Office in 2010. It also examines how the EPO has dealt with other applications for patents on conventionally bred plants following the decision on the broccoli patent. The report shows a steadily increasing number of patent applications and patents granted at the Patent Office.

This report aims at providing a clear and comprehensible description of the current status of the developing Photovoltaic power generation world-wide and its untapped potentials and growth prospects in the coming years. During 2010, the Photovoltaic (PV) market has shown unprecedented growth and wide-spread deployment of this environmentally friendly source of power generation.

This study focuses on the World Bank

The International Energy Agency (IEA) published the results of its global Energy Efficiency Governance study as a summary handbook and a detailed report. This study aims to provide government officials and stakeholders with guidance on how to establish effective structures to promote energy efficiency.

In its annual World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency said that demand would increase by 36 per cent by 2035
World energy demand will grow by more than a third over the next 25 years, led by increased consumption in China, and fossil fuels will still be the main source, an influential forecasting agency said on Tuesday.

In its annual World Energy Outlook, the International Energy

In recent years, renewable energy has increasingly attracted public and policy attention particularly for its potential to contribute to
reductions in GHG emissions. Most interest has focused on the use of renewables in power generation and as biofuels.

This report compiles a range of benchmark curves and indicators for energy intensive industries and products. The data presented
cover approximately 55% of final manufacturing industry energy use including energy use in refineries. The analysis differentiates between ICs and DCs.

This, the 22nd edition of the World Energy Council's Survey of Energy Resources (SER), is the latest in a long series of reviews of the status
of the world