the preparatory phase of the World Summit for Social Development witnessed the launch of several research projects relevant to and in support of issues like poverty, unemployment and social

WITH the advent of the modern era, people had long began conjecturing about the future, maintains Barry Minkin. Which way will the wind of change blow? This is the focus of the book in

Women have always had it bad...patriarchy has ensured that down the generations. A look at women in the various spheres of life, in education, workplaces, health status and in power show that men are

Can life countinue to survive on the sun's energy harvested by photosynthesis

Representatives of environmental movements in Asia have formed a body to protest the spread of golf

India has been quite vocal about its interests at several international environmental conference

A UN body formed almost a year ago is still unable to suggest how to achieve its goal of sustainable development.

An agreement between India and Britain on a global convention on forests has received broad support from other nations.

A new grouping of 20 environment ministers seeks to resolve environmental conflicts without setting agendas

The Group of 77 has enabled developing countries to air their grievances against the powerful North at international fora. But its financial dependence on industrialised countries threatens to curb its role.