This brief presents some preliminary results of a legal analysis conducted by RRI to provide a fuller picture of Indigenous Peoples and community forest tenure rights globally. This analysis unpacks the collective rights to forestland and forest resources held by communities and codified in law.

It is the peasantry that cry loudly and piteously for relief, and our programme must deal with their present condition. Real reflief can only come by a great change in the land laws and the basis of the present system of land tenure. We have among us many big landowners, and we welcome them. But they must realise that the ownership of large estates by individuals, which is the outcome of a state resembling the old feudalism of Europe, is a rapidly disappearing phenomenon all over the world.

In order for REDD+ carbon emission mitigation targets to be reached, the primary driver of forest clearing globally, agriculture, must be fundamentally addressed by governments implementing REDD+ Programmes. This paper evaluates the extent to which countries

The FAO has released a report titled "Reforming Forest Tenure: Issues, Principles and Process," which reviews current status and challenges related to tenure of forested lands, and lists ten principles for reform.

This paper addresses the question of how farmers displaced by acquisition of agricultural land for the purpose of industrialization ought to be compensated.

This paper questions the accuracy and validity of the criticisms made by Ananya Roy regarding the approach to community development of a Mumbai-based NGO, SPARC, and its partner grassroots federations in Mumbai. This includes the suggestion that the focus on sanitation rather than on land tenure is an appeal to middle-class values about cleanliness and that their support for relocating those who lived right next to the railway tracks made them agents of the state.

This paper presents an overview of the distinctive features of communal tenure in different community-based land and natural resource management systems.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) has opened for comment the Zero Draft of the "Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land and Other Natural Resources." The Zero Draft addresses issues including: guiding objectives and principles of responsible tenure governance; policy, legal and organizational frameworks; legal recognition and allocatio

As budgets are cut local authorities are selling off farmland without considering the long-term implications of losing a valuable asset for future generations. Tom Levitt reports.

This report takes stock of the current status of forest rights and tenure globally, assesses the key issues and events of 2010 that shape possibilities to improve local rights and livelihoods, and identifies key questions and challenges that the world will face in 2011.