Nations have passed almost 500 laws to tackle climate change, with emerging economies led by Mexico and China making the most progress last year, a study by Globe International found.

President Barack Obama is moving ahead to increase fuel efficiency standards.

Higher pesticide residue levels in vegetables exported to Saudi Arabia - Question raised in Rajya Sabha, 05/02/2014.

20% People Globally Are Fat: Study

New Delhi: There are more overweight or obese people, 904 million adults, in the developing countries than the developed world, about 557 million. Similarly, more than 30 million overweight children live in the developing world compared to just 10 million in the developed countries. Over one out of every five persons in the world is obese. The number of obese people is close to being double the estimated number of persons going hungry to bed, over 800 million.

More people smoke worldwide today than in 1980, as population growth surges and cigarettes gain popularity in countries such as China, India and Russia, researchers said Tuesday.

Saudi Fund for Development has announced an additional fund of $57 million for 106-megawatts (MW) Golen Gol Hydropower Project being constructed in district Chitral of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Chief engineer of Saudi Fund for Development (SFD), Shiekh Abdullah Alshuaibi, visited the Golen Gol Hydropower Project near Chitral city the other day and called for completion of the project by i

Pakistan govt is set to receive funds of about $100m from the Saudi Development Fund (SDF) to finance the development of Neelum Jhelum hydropower project in the country.

The disease, like SARS which had its origin in south-east Asia some years ago, has already claimed close to 90 lives.

Saudi Arabia, world’s largest oil exporter, aims to meet one-third of its energy demands by using renewable energy by 2032, setting aside a budget of $109 billion for achieving the goal.