On SEPTEMBER 23rd 120-odd presidents and prime ministers will gather in New York for a UN meeting on climate change.

A planned World Bank fund will employ options to spur climate-protection investment using rules created by carbon markets.

The Government of Haryana has formulated Haryana Solar Power Policy 2014 to promote the generation of power from solar energy.

Plans to set up over 80 MW of wind and solar energy projects

This handbook provides local policy makers and other interested readers with an overview of climate and carbon finance mechanisms, both existing and in development, and their relevance to the urban context.

India is struggling with skyrocketing energy demands, declining energy supplies, and peak load blackouts and shortages that limit energy access. The country’s recent economic growth has depended largely on fossil fuels, resulting in greater energy security concerns, higher electricity pricing, and increased pollution.

The Indian solar industry has been maturing at a rapid clip, growing more than a hundredfold in four years to reach over 2.6 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity in 2014.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on infrastructure in World Carbon Credit market, 14/08/2014.

These regulations may be called the Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission (Co-generation and Generation of Electricity from Renewable Sources of Energy) Regulations, 2014. These regulations shall extend to the whole of the state of Assam.

Japan and Mexico have signed a deal for Japanese companies to earn carbon credits by investing in technology to cut greenhouse gas emissions in Mexico - in Japan's 12th bilateral carbon agreement.