LUCKNOW: The production of pulses in the country has been hit by a pest called pod borer. The common pest which attacks all pulses, chick pea, pigeon pea, gram, groundnut and lentils is a cause of worry for farmers in several states.

Balancing the conflicting interest of farmers, intermediaries and consumers is a tightrope walk for the Indian government even when there is price tranquility. This balancing exercise has become nightmarish in recent years with food inflation showing persistency and turbulence. These developments prompted the Cabinet Secretary to constitute an inter-ministerial group (IMG) to manage overall inflation with a focus on prices of primary food items in February 2011.

The problem of adulteration in food items in Delhi appears to be reaching epic proportions with analysis report of samples of pulses and spices lifted on April 19 by the Prevention of Food Adulteration department of the Delhi Government revealing that all of them were indeed adulterated.

The samples had been taken by during a joint raid by personnel of the department along with the area sub-div

Admitting gross mismanagement in agriculture department, the Odisha government on Thursday said that it would set up a high-level inquiry into the supply of alleged fake seeds and pulse kits to farmers during the rabi crop season.

Mismanagement in the agriculture department was admitted by its minister Damodar Rout while replying to an adjournment motion debate in the State Assembly here.


India is estimated to harvest an all-time record output of 235.88 million tonne (MT) of foodgrains in the 2010-11 crop year (ending June), courtesy the highest-ever production of wheat and pulses.

Addressing the Kharif Conference here, Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said the third advance estimate figures available with him showed an all-time record production of foodgrains of 235.88 MT.

Plans to set up 150 farmer-producer organisations in 11 states.
The government is planning to provide market linkages for farmers growing pulses as part of a programme announced in the Budget to improve their production, as scarcity of this essential item was one of the major contributors to food inflation a few years back.

Influence of interplanted species on N and P resorption efficiencies of companion species was studied in mixed plantations of various species combinations raised for revegetation of coal mine spoil.

In an extensive survey to Garhwal Himalaya and arid soil of western Rajasthan, twenty four leguminous nitrogen fixing species were identified including seven herbs, nine shrubs, four climbers and four tree species which were screened for nodulation and nitrogen fixation activity between 400-2100m altitudes.

Farming like any profession requires dedication, understanding, constant learning and application of new ideas and above all a desire to view it as a part of the greater ecosystem. Here is a case of a young farmer who has nurtured his farm with utmost care and sensitivity to the environment.

BHUBANESWAR: The Orissa State Human Rights Commission (OSHRC) has asked the State Government to immediately stop supply of substandard pulses under the mid-day meal and supplementary nutrition programme.