It is not flora and fauna alone that are under threat of extinction. Tribal people, too, seem to be living on the edge. The populations of the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode of western Paraguay, the Jarawa of

The market, simply, cannot be left alone

The increasing popularity of a high-fat, high-protein diet proposed by the late nutrition guru, Robert Atkins, is eating into multinational company Unilever's profits. The Atkins diet allows people

The draft guidelines on ship recycling, finalised at a meeting of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (mepc) of the International Maritime Organisation (imo), have recognised that the

Sixty per cent of the world's ocean area is categorised as international waters and prone to exploitation. Yet the need to safeguard fragile ecosystems in areas beyond national jurisdictions was left

Even as the progress made in anti- aids research was discussed at the Conference on hiv Pathogenesis and Treatment, participants expressed concern over the acute shortage of money needed to pass

At its recently concluded third session in Geneva, Switzerland, the United Nations Forum on Forests unff took a step towards the creation of a legally binding instrument. An ad hoc expert group was established to consider the parameters of a mandate for

The latest meeting on climate change did not bring the Kyoto Protocol any closer to being implemented. The protocol, established in 1997, asks industrialised countries to cut emissions of

sars (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is here to stay. So countries are now applying for patents on the sars virus . The ones seriously trying to cash in are the us Centers for Disease

It was only half a year ago, but events since the Johannesburg earth summit already make it seem like a distant event. The world has just seen an American engineered war in which the un was sidelined and the us paid scant regard to the views of even its t