Exnora international, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), is involved mainly in solid-waste management and sorting out rural problems. Recently, however, they have entered the field of rainwater

People collect rainwater without any support from the government. This saves the avoidable overuse of drinking water

A TENTH of the world's known tree species face extinction, according to a recently published global survey called the "World List of Threatened Trees". The three-year survey found that more than

IN NOVEMBER, the Earth will run into the worst meteor storm in 32 years. It will be the first space hurricane of the modern satellite era. While it poses no danger to people because the meteoroids

South Korea expresses its intent to reduce greenhouse gases "voluntarily", becomes the developed nations' showpiece to be presented at the COP 4 in Argentina

it is estimated that one of every four species of the world's vertebrates

The US is taking its role as the protector of sea turtles worldwide too seriously, ignoring some important factors

Nearly 37 countries are facing food emergencies as against 31 countries that had faced food shortages

involving use of symbolic communication there is evidence that our ancestors could speak.

fresh water supply is gradually becoming a matter of serious concern, says a report of the United Nations ( un ).