At the end of 2015, in Paris, parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will lay the foundation for climate action in a post-2020 world by adopting a new, universal and legally binding agreement.

This report has been prepared in response to growing concerns about the impacts of climate change on Latin American economies, agriculture, and people.

This paper, a contribution to the New Climate Economy project, compares the opportunities or economically attractive low-carbon investment opportunities in five cities.

UN climate chief Christiana Figueres urges delegates to work towards achieving a historic pact in Paris in 2015.

Climate change has shrunk Peruvian glaciers by 40 percent in the past four decades and the melt-off has spawned nearly 1,000 new high-altitude lakes since 1980, Peru's government said on Wednesday.

Javier Gomez sucks the last morsels of meat from the leg bone of an agouti, a large Amazonian rodent, his creased face belying his 44 years. ‘We’re just happy to have the work,” he shrugs wearily.

At least eight people were killed by a 5.1 magnitude earthquake that hit rural southern Peru over the weekend, emergency authorities said on Sunday as the search for victims continued.

The export quotas for 2014 were updated for Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Peru, Romania and Uganda on 25 September 2014.

Norway plans to spend as much as $300 million to support a program in Peru to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the destruction of the world's fourth largest tropical forest, the two countries a

Rich nations should make the deepest emission cuts and provide most money if countries are to share fairly the responsibility of preventing catastrophic climate change, says a major new study.