High end technology dominates 93 rd Science Congress

The seeds of a plant called jatropha yield oil that, after processing, makes biodiesel. It can reduce India s burgeoning oil import bill. And there s lots of money to be made. But who will earn? What land will be used for this? down t

20,000 workers die in China s coal mines every year

As overstaffed transport corporations make losses, the government says privatise

Under the Millennium Development Goals MDG of the United Nations UN , it has been agreed to halve the number of people without access to safe drinking water by 2015. The Johannesburg Plan of

Post-liberalisation, public funding in health care has reached a nadir

When 80,000 people talk it makes noise. So it wasn t unusual for the fourth World Social Forum WSF in Mumbai to be snidely called a huge talking fair . There was also talk about WSF s need to introspect on its ability to impact globally. A good point.

Open markets, land on lease

The government is mulling over changes in the legal framework that would facilitate foreign direct investment (fdi) in the mineral sector. In the third week of November, the mines ministry held its

Private health sector needs to be guided so that it contributes to national health goals