A trail of dna has helped investigators trace the biggest ever consignment of contraband ivory seized in Singapore in June 2002 to Savannah elephants in Zambia. Scientists extracted dna from 37 tusks

Fishes in the backwaters of the Zambezi river have been infected with a deadly but unidentified infection. It was strongest upstream in Namibia and Zambia. The fatal infection was first noticed by

Two hotels, a golf course and 450 chalets will soon be there at the Victoria Falls World Heritage Site, on the fringes of one of the Africa's longest rivers, the Zambezi. The us $260-million

Climate Change

The Last Shirt Maker in Ndola

Last year's controversy about food aid from the us containing genetically modified (gm) materials appears to have left African nations wiser. Four

Hundreds of hungry villagers in Zambia looted a warehouse storing genetically modified (gm) maize, whose distribution had been banned by the government. The desperate villagers assaulted the lone

WSSD clearly illustrated the hatred of the US bullying tactics

While Malawi has decided to mill genetically modified (gm) food from the us, Zambia is still resolute on its decision not to accept gm maize. Zimbabwe, on the other hand, has instituted a milling

A compromise has been made to stave off starvation. Although Zambia initially rejected genetically modified (gm) maize in food aid, it has now asked the World Food Programme (wfp) to buy the cheaper