This twentieth edition of the Agricultural Outlook published jointly by OECD and FAO provides market projections to 2023 for major agricultural commodities, biofuels and fish across 41 countries and 12 regions. In a special focus on India, the Outlook projects sustained food production and consumption growth, led by value-added sectors like dairy production and aquaculture.

Modern bioenergy is a core ingredient of sustainable economic development as it plays an important role in poverty reduction and green growth. This makes bioenergy innovations critical, especially in developing countries where many households and rural communities rely on traditional bioenergy.

Indonesia has followed Argentina in complaining to the World Trade Organisation that anti-dumping duties imposed by the European Union on biodiesel imports since May last year are in breach of glob

This discussion paper attempts to contribute to how to make future investment in agriculture responsible and efficient. Investment in agriculture is critical for global food provision, but in future it will have to compete with investment in land for raw materials and energy, such as various feedstocks for biofuel and biodiesel production.

This study examines factors that determine the adoption and continued production of Jatropha in plantations in North East India. The study is based on a sample of 144 current-farmers, 137 previous-farmers, and 145 non-growers of Jatropha in the states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

The 5,000 tonnes of garbage generated in the city per day has the potential to be converted to 12 crore litre of aviation fuel and 4.5 crore litre of diesel per year.

An expert told Express that through plasma gasification and vitrification process, a technology developed by NASA, the garbage could be generated into wealth.

The company is investing Rs 250 cr for this venture

Pune based My Eco Energy, a bio diesel manufacturing company is setting up a fuel producing unit and network of fuel stations across Maharashtra.
The company is investing Rs 250 crore for this venture. The company will be engaged in the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and retailing of waste to bio-diesel, a non-petroleum based fuel.

EU lawmakers deferred on Wednesday plans to curb the use of fuels made from food crops, providing a reprieve for some in the bio-energy industry, but raising the risk of higher grain prices in the

Road transport accounts for around a quarter of final energy consumption, and renewable energy technologies and fuels can help countries meet their policy goals for secure, reliable and affordable energy and reduced price volatility. They can also promote social and economic development.

State-run Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has claimed a technological breakthrough that could be a game changer for advancing use of bio-diesel in the country and ensuring ready acceptance of the fuel