The objective of the study was to assess indicators of TB-related stigma and socio-cultural and gender-related features of illness associated with stigma.

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The Malawian government has suspended domestic tobacco sales in major markets following a price dispute between growers and merchants. In early April, tobacco prices reached the highest us $11

Climate change is often seen as a global problem demanding global solutions. But for poor people hit hard by the impacts, climate change is a not a boardroom abstraction, but day-to-day reality. Faced with local shifts in weather patterns and natural resources, they are forced to find ways of coping that are locally relevant. This kind of experience, gained at the grassroots, boosts resilience as no top-down initiative can. Three case studies from rural communities in Benin, Kenya and Malawi show how it is done.

Global food shortages have taken everyone by surprise. What is to be done? Reuters SAMAKE BAKARY sells rice from wooden basins at Abobote market in the northern suburbs of Abidjan in C

Participatory fisheries management (PFM), as widely understood in Malawi, is a governance type that entrenches participation of the user community in fish resource management. In PFM, the Department of Fisheries (DoF) and the fishing community are key partners who, in an ideal situation, agree on shared roles and responsibilities, and formulate the goals, objectives and strategies of a particular management regime.

In the face of an energy crisis and soaring crude oil prices the Malawi government has launched a project to ensure that all vehicles in the country switch to ethanol in a few years. The five-year

>> A shortage of health care workers is paralysing the health system in Southern Africa. The shortfall has imperilled the lives of millions in Lesotho, Malawi and Mozambique, particularly in rural

While Malawi has decided to mill genetically modified (gm) food from the us, Zambia is still resolute on its decision not to accept gm maize. Zimbabwe, on the other hand, has instituted a milling

a recent report has blamed the International Monetary Fund (imf) and World Bank for putting pressure on Malawi, a southern African nation, to sell 28,000 metric tonnes (mt) of maize to Kenya,

Defying international wildlife treaties, the Malawi government recently ordered officials and commercial hunters to begin the killing of Nile crocodiles. "The government has taken such a decision