A controversial CITES decision allowing South Africa to sell live rhinos may be based on fudged figures

Proposals have been mooted to save endangered species by curbing their culling and trade. But the fate of African elephants still hangs by the nose

South Africa is all set to foray into the field of high-tech telescope. The Astronomical Observatory in Johannesburg is brimming with confidence after its spectacular success in capturing the images

A British chemical company, Thor Holdings, has been hauled up to the London High Court by 2 workers in South Africa suffering from severe mercury poisoning, and by the family of a man who died from

SOUTH African airforce personnel battled an Atlantic storm to fly in a helicopter and save penguins in Dassen Island, Cape Town, when they were endangered by oil from an old wreck. "This is certainly

There is some apprehension about the new South African government's stand on environment and science and technology, but emerging trends bring hope for the future

A NEW one-dose vaccine against typhoid, developed by K P Klugman of South Africa, has recently been licensed and introduced in India. The vaccine does not cause the swelling and fever

The United States and International Atomic Energy Agency have been accused of turning a blind eye to South Africa's nuclear programme.

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