SOUTHERN African Development Community (SADC) member states have recorded a decline in new HIV infections which now stands at 26 per cent on average.

Power cuts in 15 Sub-Saharan African countries could become an "exception" rather than a norm in 10 years time, with private capital expected to play an increasingly bigger role, PricewaterhouseCoo

The level of hunger worldwide has dropped in recent years but 26 countries still face extremely dangerous food shortages and are threatened by rising prices, a major report said Tuesday.

Adult deaths are a crucial priority for global health. Causes of adult death are important components of Millennium Development Goals 5 and 6. However, adult mortality has received little policy attention, resources, or monitoring efforts. This study aimed to estimate worldwide mortality in men and women aged 15

Invasion of alien vegetation is troubling the Swaziland government. In the second week of June, the government doled out Real 10 million (us $1.4 million) in its annual budget to combat proliferation

Tigers and Asian big cats were at the centre stage of an important debate at the 14th meeting of the Conference of Parties of the CITES at the Hague, The Netherlands. Led by India and other range states like Nepal, China, Bhutan and Russia, the 14th CoP was able to garner strong support for conservation of tigers in the wild.


UK fund managers are selling investments in jatropha plantations as a wallet-swelling, planet-saving financial bonanza. But the reality for poor farmers is very different.

The AIDS epidemic shows no sign of abating with five million new cases reported in 2001