Ms. Sunita Narain, Director General, CSE

Budget 2014-15 : A look at the big budget announcements for sustainability and what they mean (Blog by Sunita Narain)

Dr. Chandan Chowdhury, Managing DIrector, India- Dassault Systemes

Sunita Narain—our colleague and friend—was seriously injured in an accident while cycling yesterday. A car hit her and fled. This cruel act of crime and heartlessness could have shattered our faith in humanity had it not been for the kind act of the stranger family who rushed her to hospital in time. Sometimes, something still holds in this brutal and cruel car-obsessed city of Delhi.

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Gujarat CM Shri Narendra Modi questions Congress leadership and the UPA government on creation of Telangana state in this blog. Read more.

We need to think about a pan-Himalayan development strategy which is based on the region's natural resources, culture and traditional knowledge - An interview with Sunita Narain.

Following is the text of the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh's address at the CII National Conference and Annual General Meeting, in New Delhi on Wednesday:

Our health is not on anybody’s agenda. Or, we just don’t seem to make the connections between the growing burden of disease and the deteriorating condition of our environment. We don’t really believe the science, which tells us each passing day how toxins affect our bodies, leading to high rates of both morbidity and mortality. It is true that it is difficult to establish cause and effect, but we know more than enough to say that air pollution is today a leading cause of both disease and death in India and other parts of South Asia.

Losing after winning is the worst feeling possible. This is how I feel looking out of my window at a thick pall of black smog engulfing my city. It was this time of the year, exactly 15 years ago, when CSE began its right-to-clean-air campaign

The article deals with the social dimension of sustainable development and the urgent need for the green economy strategies to target the poor and include them in their agenda.