Campaign groups say turning the publicly-owned RBS into the Green Investment Bank would save money and also provide a model of sustainability for the rest of the banking sector.

European observers say it is going to be as

Plans for a new international airport in the coastal city of Mumbai will destroy yet more of its mangrove ecosystems, and there are fears the deal has already been closed.

'Open source' is a familiar concept to many web users, providing free, well-supported software across the internet. But could the same principles be used to rapidly disseminate low-carbon technologies around the world?

The bulk of our motives for buying green are selfish, say psychologists. So would appealing to social positioning help shift behaviours better than moralising?

River ecosystems in England and Wales are being increasingly threatened with over-abstraction by water companies, according to a study by WWF.

Arguments over which type of farming will best meet growing food demands are ignoring the most critical factor - water availability - say analysts from the International Water Management Institute (IWMI).

Analysis showing lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with intensive livestock production could pose a challenge to our views on best farming practice?.

tlantic bluefin tuna could be the first widely eaten species to be banned from being traded internationally. Would it work, and would it set a useful precedent for other species?

Ingvild Jenssen from the NGO Platform on Shipbreaking explains how tougher regulations simply relocated the shipbreaking industry, and how the public can help stop the trade.