Cameroon and Chad have signed an accord to ramp up efforts to fight poachers who kill hundreds of elephants a year in a protected park on their common border, ministers from both nations said.

The human impact of climate change

Desiccation of the Sahara since the middle Holocene has eradicated all but a few natural archives recording its transition from a "green Sahara" to the present hyperarid desert.

>> Chadians could go hungry despite bumper crops, notes an

The World Trade Organization (wto) ruled on October 15 that the us has failed to bring subsidies and export credit guarantees to its cotton farmers in conformity with wto rulings. The ruling is a

At least one hundred dead elephants were spotted on the border of Chad's Zakouma National Park in the last week of August. Poachers hacked off the animals' heads to remove tusks and left the

Ending a six-month long suspension, the World Bank has agreed to continue financial assistance to Chad, after the country fell in with the bank's conditions on spending petrodollars. Under the

An optimistic note, about wiping out polio from the six afflicted countries, was to be sounded at a conference organised by the World Health Organisation in Geneva on January 15. Instead, the sudden re emergence of the disease in two African nations Ben

A seven-million-year-old nearly complete skull of the earliest human ancestor yet found was unearthed by anthropologists in the desert of northern Chad. The discovery has set back the origin of human


A 1,070-kilometre oil pipeline project in Chad and Cameroon is expected to fetch them us $2 billion and us $500 billion respectively, over the project's 25-year lifespan. However,