The outcome of the fourth and final mini-ministerial before the Cancun conference in September was on predictable lines. No breakthrough was made on contentious issues regarding agricultural and

The installed wind power capacity rose 28 per cent globally in 2002, according to the American Wind Energy Association (awea) and European Wind Energy Association (ewea). Wind energy plants produced

Yearbook of International Co operation on Environment and Development 2002/2003 The Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Norway Earthscan Publications Ltd London

Accountability in the Pesticide Industry A report based on a forum held at the Pocantico Conference Center . June 25 28, 2002 . Paper No 5

The environmental footprint of oil

No headway made at World Food Summit in accelerating efforts to eliminate hunger

Experts question efficacy of plant genetic resources treaty

The world has reached an environmental crossroads, according to the third Global Environment Outlook (geo-3) report. And the choice between greed and humanity will decide the fate of millions of

could well become a myth by 2007. More than half of the world' s population by then would be urban dwelling. The urban ecological footprint would fall over larger proportions of common resources says the 'Global Environment Outlook Three' report of the Un

This film, produced by Toxic Comedy Pictures, captures the directors and crew of this independent film travelling to America's vinyl manufacturing capital and beyond in search of answers to troubling